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Jessika Sundermann

Jessika Sundermann originally wanted to become a pathologist but her fine hands and dexterity are ideal for dental medicine and we are grateful that she chose to become a dentist. Her profession allows Jessika Sundermann to combine her practical skills with creativity and her empathetic nature soon has her patients feeling at ease and happy to place their trust in her, something which she sees as her true vocation in life. At the end of every work day, Jessica Sundermann cycles home, tired but happy. Knowing that those who give a lot also need to recharge their batteries, Jessika loves to spend time hiking in the mountains or enjoying a picnic with friends, family and her dog, Jenna, in the urban jungle of Berlin.

Philip Schäfer

Philip Schäfer has always been fascinated by the interplay of art and medicine. He loves the way in which the dental profession brings together what might appear to be opposing disciplines. Driven by a desire for lifelong learning, he has completed a whole range of advanced dentistry training courses. His positive approach to life and a desire to enrich the lives of others spreads easily from his own smile to the relaxed and happy faces of his patients and team. His motto “strength in serenity” and the support of his children, partner and friends help him to recharge and meet every day with new energy.

Jessica Adamczyk Bugla

Having spent a great deal of her earlier life in Poland, Jessica Adamczyk Bugla remembers the country fondly, not only as her childhood home but also for her studies in dental degree, which laid the foundation for her current profession. Working as a dentist is for her the perfect combination of physician, artist and engineer – something which enriches her life with joy and contentment every day. Her patients’ comfort during treatment and precise work are supported by her professional and friendly approach. Her strengths are aesthetic dentistry and root canal treatment – these are the fields of dentistry that give her great satisfaction. She finds her balance outside of practice with traveling, skiing, yoga and photography.

Nicholas Reinnagel

Nicholas Reinnagel has made it his mission to ensure that no patient need ever feel anxiety about root canal treatment. He provides the highest quality of science and technique plus an open exchange with patients, so that they are always closely involved in any decisions about their treatment. By combining a systematic and concentrated approach to his work with a patient manner and a touch of humour, he makes a visit to our dental practice a pleasant experience. His professional focus also includes tooth preservation and replacement prosthetics. Born and raised in Berlin, he achieves a balanced life by spending time with family and friends, reading, climbing and swimming.

Erinada Guni

Erinada Guni has always felt that her true vocation is to study and practice dentistry. Her profession is much more than a means to earn her living: “It is the best way in which my spirit can express my humanistic outlook on life, to attend to the welfare of others.” Her multi-lingual skills – Erinada Guni was born in Albania and speaks not only her native Albanian but also Italian, English and German – make it easy for her to communicate with patients. Her ability to empathise with those she treats also helps her achieve what she aims for each day: to see the healthy and happy smile of her patients at the end of the appointment.  Yoga, photography and excursions in nature provide a balance in her free time, enabling her to meet the challenges of each new workday with a smile.

Birgit Hiegemann

Birgit Hiegemann is a dental hygienist & prevention manager B.Sc. Periodontology. She always knew that she wanted to start with the basics of dentistry and work her way up, always learning more about this fascinating profession. Her passion for the role played by health and dental hygiene in preventing disease can be seen when she explains the significance of good dental care to our patients.  She enjoys using the great variety of options in her profession to ensure that patients can keep their own healthy teeth their whole lives long. Birgit Hiegemann is always there for those around her, both at work and during her private life. She likes to unwind by practicing yoga, cooking and skiing or walking with her dog.

Mathilde Karstens

Both our patients and our entire team appreciate Mathilde Karstens as friendly, courteous and calm – although she is perfectly capable of reacting quickly when it is needed. Since she has always wanted to work in the medical field or social sector, it was no surprise that she trained as a dental assistant and also works as a swimming trainer in her spare time. Her ambition has motivated her to take on advanced training as a dental administration clerk, in order to support us both with our invoicing and at reception.

Elisabeth Rostock

Communication with the patients and the wide range of tasks at reception give Elisabeth Rostock the most joy in her profession, which is why this qualified dental assistant is the ideal person to manage our reception area. Even though her surname is the name of a city on the German Baltic coast, she was born a little further to the east, in Poland. She is highly appreciated for her kind nature, openness and sunny mood, putting our patients at ease and helping to make their time at the surgery as pleasant as possible. Her warm character fits perfectly to her favourite country, Italy, where she loves everything from the people to the landscape and especially the Italian cuisine.

Natalia Franz

Natalia Franz is a much treasured and fully dedicated part of our dental hygiene and assistance team. She is interested in all aspects of dental medicine and enjoys the personal contact with patients, who always appreciate her warm and understanding manner. When not supporting our dental team, she enjoys sport – especially badminton and running – and travelling.

Madeline Schier

Madeline Schier comes into her own in hectic situations: she finds it easy to remain calm and still enjoy her work, however stressful things may get. She is well liked by patients and colleagues for her warm heart and direct approach, typical for the Berlin region. She particularly likes the contact with people and the wide range of challenges faced every day. She balances the demands of her work life with time spent outside in nature, together with her family and friends.

Jessica Neidhardt

Jessica Neidhardt enjoyed her visits to the dentist as a child and her own positive experience of dental hygiene treatment lead to her current choice of profession. She is motivated by a desire to help people recover their self-confident smiles and to reduce their fear of dental visits through her encouraging manner. She is keen to further add to her extensive knowledge and skills and even after 18 advanced training courses, there is no end to her learning. Our patients appreciate her expertise and are thankful for pain-free treatment with a positive end result.

Firuza Mangal

Firuza Mangal was born in Afghanistan and is a real linguistic genius. In addition to German, she speaks Russian, Persian, Dari-Persian and Pashtun. She finds great satisfaction when her work helps people to have less pain and more attractive teeth. She is well known for her friendly, yet respectful way and much appreciated by her patients. She loves to spend her free time cooking, writing, taking photos and sewing – also walking with her sisters, family being the most important focus of her life.

Kübra Aslantaş

Born and raised in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Kübra Aslantaş’ friendly nature creates a happy and welcoming atmosphere at the PrenzlZahnärzte reception. A school internship originally sparked her interest in dentistry, which she then followed with several years of experience as a dental assistant. Through her calm approach to life, she is able to deal serenely with even the most stressful situations, seeing each new challenge as an opportunity to “take the rocks placed in our paths and turn them into something of beauty”. At the end of the day and during her weekends, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, who are always keen to try her latest baking creations.

Marlene Banzhaf

Marlene Banzhaf was born in the oldest town of the German state Baden-Württemberg, Rottweil, and enriches our practice with her professional skills and her sunny and sincere approach. She loves to make those around her happy while also ensuring that her patients feel that they are in good hands and well taken care of. Implantology and tooth replacements are her favourite aspects of the profession as dental assistant. She provides a balance to the challenges of her work life by practicing yoga and taking long walks through the forest and by the lakes. With her many interests, this warm- hearted colleague enjoys getting on well with all people, spending time with friends and family and discovering new countries and cultures. Cooking, the hula hoop and cycling form a key part of her daily life.

Iryna Lytvyn

Iryna Lytvyn was born and raised in Ukraine, a country which evokes memories of a happy childhood, family and her feeling of identity. She speaks Ukrainian, Latin, Ancient Greek and of course German, which she is continually perfecting during her daily work in our practice. A qualified dental assistant, she loves the contact with people and the variety of the job – no day is like the other. This suits her interest in meeting new people and exploring new situations, plus her drive for ongoing personal development. Iryna Lytvyn’s ambitious nature helps her to realise her life motto: “Life begins at the end of the comfort zone”. Her well-earned free time is spent jogging, reading and exploring her passion for antique cultures and literature.

Nuananong Hentschel

“Life is what you make of it” is Nuananong Hentschel’s personal motto. Born and raised in Bangkok, she a welcome addition to our team. Although Thailand remains her homeland, she has quickly settled into her new home in the German capital and to life at our dental surgery. We would very much miss her positive and understanding approach. Always keen to learn more, she spends her leisure time cooking and loves trying out new recipes.

Hermine Karstens

Hermine Karstens has her roots in Berlin and grew up in the suburb of Pankow. As a trainee dental assistant, she is keen to learn everything about how our practice is run, in order to prepare for a degree in dental medicine later on. Her quick understanding is of benefit both at work and in her free time, when she likes to swim and has already trained as a lifeguard. Hermine enjoys relaxing by reading or listening to an audio book in the evenings to recharge her batteries and be full of energy for her next day of duties at the practice.

Rusudan Sulamanidze

Rusudan Sulamanidze originally came from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi (Tiflis) and speaks Georgian, Russian, English and German. She studied dental medicine at the university in her homeland and now supports our practice as a dental hygienist. Her job is her vocation and she loves to immerse herself in her work – focussing on perfection and efficiency, coupled with a sense of humour at the right time and place. When she is not at work, she can be found swimming or reading a book.